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Shapeshifter Body redesign program is a plan to transform the body created by Adam and Ryan 

Steer Murdock, two coaches who specialize in body weight and training exercises at home to 

lose body fat, strengthen muscles and improve fitness .

Body Redesign Shapeshifter P6 is a six-week program with a specific goal: to change its shape 

or, rather, to get in shape. It is not about weight loss.

Murdock direct and say that while you can lose weight with a number of methods, often end up 

with only a lighter version of its former self. You can lose weight, but its shape will remain much 

the same. The idea of ​​

Shapeshifter plan is to lose fat and build muscle in a way that changes its proportions, or the 

relationship between the parts of your body. For example, the construction of wider shoulders 

and a slimmer waistline. Therefore, in this example adds to the shoulder muscles and lose 

inches from your waist. Naturally, your whole body working in this plan.

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In this review, I go over what this program is, how it works, what it includes, and if it’s worth using. 

Here we go …  Body Redesign Shapeshifer P6 – 3 Balls, 6 pieces

Shapeshifter The program is built around three pillars, which are called Areas in the plan itself. 

What Adam and Ryan Murdock Steer claim is that you can not achieve a true transformation of 

the body without the combination of these three areas. 

The three areas are:

                                              Fitness.                Nutrition.         Lifestyle.

As can be seen in the table above, the Board of Shapeshifer redesign program is all-

encompassing plan. Learn how to create an inner and outer body and life transformation. Unlike 

many other weight loss plans, the idea is to adopt a comprehensive approach, one that says it is 

not enough to exercise once in a while or eat a little less. You need to create a total 

transformation of life and will achieve a transformation of the body too.

I agree with this approach, because I think their lifestyle greatly influences the health and 

appearance. Sleep, stress reduction, and correct eating habits are key factors in their health. 

You just can not get good results with training and nutrition.

During each day of the program will be given a series of steps in each area. Everything is 

presented in a step by step manner. You just do the training and implementation of nutritional 

advice and lifestyle of the time, and that’s it. Pretty simple.

Since I have experience with Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock previous work, I know that there are 

two experts who deliver results for people who use their programs. They provide quality 

information in advanced nutrition and fitness issues are used to cover Shapeshifter Corps 

Redesign. Is the use of these methods gives this program its effectiveness.

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Training Shapehifter

The training program in the P6 Shapeshifer redesign of the body is composed of circuits that you 

make a series of bodyweight exercises in a row. The complete program consists of bodyweight 

exercises you can do at home without any equipment at all. The program does not show 

variations of exercises you can do with bands of training, but are optional.

The fact that you do bodyweight exercises is a great advantage. I love weight training body, 

giving you the freedom to train anywhere you do not have a gym or expensive equipment. This 

does not mean they are less effective. In some cases, physical training is better than the normal 

lift because it involves intricate movements, trains from different parts of the body together, and it 

is often better equipped for circuit training.

Shapeshifter workouts are not easy and it is probably new to you. Some of the exercises will 

take time to adjust. The workouts themselves are hard, but do not take long. You will work your 

entire body with strength, edurance, flexibility and movement exercises. This creates a wide 

experience of cross training.

The workouts are all shown in video, and I was very impressed with the production of high quality 

of these videos. Steer and Murdock seems to put much emphasis on making Shapeshifter P6 a 

program that provides high quality information in a friendly and easy to follow way.

This is an image taken from one of the videos. Adam is shown directing the implementation of a 

drop in the bucket (great exercise) with Ryan Murdock explains.


The problem starts when you become desperate and type in is there an easy way to lose weight.  The next thing you do is click on the topic that says lose weight fast, rapid weight loss, or magic diet pills.  Sure some of these tactics work, but if you are overweight, then some of these easy weight loss programs are not going to work for you.
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1. The first easy way to lose weight is by fueling your body.  What we mean by that is like think of an engine.  If we put low grade fuel it will not run as efficiently and in the long run cause harm to your engine.  Now let's use high grade fuel, our engine will run optimally, and will slightly increase the power.  So, no more Mc Donalds or whatever fast food restaurant you're going to for lunch.  Stick to grain, make yourself a sandwich and have veggies.  This will help you lose up to five pounds in one month easy!
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5. Keep track of how you feel after eating certain foods.  Some foods will make you feel sluggish, sleepy or drowsy.  Other foods will cause you to feel energized.  This will help you determine which foods to stay away from.

6. Sixth, an easy way to burn fat is by staying away from greasy foods.  Again, lose Mc Donalds or any other fast food restaurant.  Stick to at least 2 servings of fruit and 5 servings of vegetables per day.  Doing this is a great way to lose weight and can help you lose 10 pounds in one month.
7. The seventh easy way to lose weight is by upping your favorite exercise.  If you like walking or jogging as your favorite exercise to lose weight then add an extra lap to your walking distance or an extra 50 feet when you're jogging.  This is a great way to lose weight, so next time see how much further you can push yourself then once it becomes normal for you, push again.  This alone, can cause you to lose up to 15 pounds in one month!
8. The eighth easy way to lose weight is by throwing away or putting your scale in a place that you will not be tempted to use it.  Remember, it's all psychological and weight will come off but not overnight.  You don't want yourself to fall into depression because you can't lose weight right away.
9. Stick to this plan for one month and do not try to fall for some weight loss pill.  This is not an easy way to lose weight, trust me!  Weight loss pills can cause you to gain the weight back and more.
10. Each day while you are at home or at work, instead of drinking a soda, have a bottle of water.  This is an easy way to lose weight because doing this, you get into a rhythm and become more health conscience.
11. The last easy way to lose weight, is utilize your lunch hour.  Instead of driving to a fast food restaurant, talk a walk.  Take half of your lunch break eating some veggies.  The other half of your lunch break, take a walk while having yourself some fruit and a bottle of water.
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